BELIEVER gained worldwide recognition for their boundary-breaking, artistic form of progressive metal music. The early albums threw open the doors to collaborations between metal and orchestral musicians and sealed the band’s legacy. BELIEVER’s focus on creativity and innovation has earned praise from fans and musicians worldwide.

BELIEVER Releases 3rd Installment of New Music

October 31, 2017 | Progressive metallers BELIEVER have released 3 of 5 and continue to break genre boundaries. The third installment of their current album project presents the songs “Imagine Dragons” and “King of Oz” and was released via Trauma Team Productions on October 31, 2017.

Believer, once again, dug deep into their bag of early influences to deliver these unique tracks and Michael Rosner of Eye Level Studio does the math (1/5+2/5= 3/5) for the cover art.  “We had to deliver something a bit odd since it’s an odd number release”, stated Jeff King.  “And we just couldn’t sit on our hands when Imagine Dragons released their song “Believer”, added Kurt Bachman.

Sticking to their plan, new songs from Believer will be released throughout 2017, culminating in the release of a physical product to be announced later this year.  Believer fans will enjoy digital releases every few months with new artwork from Michael Rosner to accompany each release.  3 of 5 was mixed by Kevin Gutierrez at Assembly Line Studios and mastered by Bill Wolf of Wolf Productions.

These tracks are #amazing! Love them even more than their early releases.
– Mike Boardley on

. . . If its not recognised as the best thing they’ve ever done It’d surprise me…I dig the heavy shit from back in the day but this just far surpasses that stuff in how theyve progressed as musicians and writers. I was quite pleasantly suprised and its not at all what I’d expect from them based on past albums.
– Willard Steele on


Kevin Leaman,
Kurt Bachman, Joey Daub, Jeff King

Photo by Jessica Zellers

Believer continues to evolve, purposefully

These two releases are unlike anything you’ve heard from Believer before, perhaps most notably due to Kurt Bachman taking the “clean” vocals approach this time around. It works just fine. In a press release, Believer explain that their aim with the 2017 releases . . . was to combine the Believer sound with some of the bands that influenced them in the early days. And would you believe that those bands include Kansas and Rush? Yes, something new in the offering. That’s what 1 Of 5 is. And the lyrics are intelligent, as always, from a band whose members have taken a very intentional approach to life and worldview formation. Do they believe and espouse all the same things they did in their landmark early albums? No. They don’t. And who should expect otherwise? They’ve lived life, gathered experience, listened to the multitude of thoughtful voices, and thus changed. Whatever your own journey has been, and whatever change you have or have not allowed into your life, the paths charted by Believer are always worth a listen.
– Metal Scribe on iTunes